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Platinum Cherry Gelato – Hybrid


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Cultivated by Club CaniVibe Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato is an evenly balanced hybrid strain made by crossing the infamous Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Lemon Haze strains. This strain has tight, dense olive green nugs with thick amber hairs and a coating of frosty amber trichomes. Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato packs a sweet and fruity cherry berry flavor with punches of super sour and creamy citrusy lemon. The aroma follows the same profile, although with a touch of rich black pepper and fresh earthiness to it, too. The Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato high hits you with an immediate sense of uplifted euphoria, a sense of creative motivation, and eventually — a case of the giggles.

Klub CaniVibe cultivated flower are chemical and pesticide free! 100 % of our products are white ash labeled. New Strains testing @ 33%-38%


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