Xvape Vital


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Xvape VITAL is a dry herb unit featuring a full ceramic chamber to ensure no hot spots or stirring. With the OLED screen, you are able to adjust the temperature by degree anywhere from 212-464 degrees F. The chamber can fit up to ½ a gram, and the timer setting controls how long the heating session lasts. The bubbler attachment creates filtration for a smoother hit while the 14mm adapter can fit on your water pipe for even more filtration and a more genuine flower taste. The frequency of cleaning depends on usage. For heavy users, clean once a week. To clean the Vital, simply brush out any excess herb and wipe out the chamber with rubbing alcohol.

A fully ceramic heating chamber
OLED screen with by-degree temperature adjustability
Optional bubbler attachment and 14mm water pipe adapter
15S fast heating
Temperature Range (212°F – 464°F)
Dual Cycle 5mins or 10mins
Samsung 2600mAh battery
USB charging
Portable size
Auto Shut Off


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